Monday, June 10, 2013

Dirty Nurses

Last Saturday a few of my coworkers & I ran the Dirty Dash as a bunch of Dirty Nurses! Talk about the time of my life! I was a bit apprehensive at first because it was a 10K with obstacles & this girl here is super out of shape! Then as it was getting closer I figured why not?  There was a 5K shortcut & I figured I could talk a few of them into that.  We also struggled finding an outfit that we could all wear, luckily one of my coworkers thought of the old green scrubs (we now have required navy & grey colored scrubs).

 Pre-Race pose (we were so clean)
Thank you IHC for the scrubs!

Mid mud puddle with the sprinkler spraying us a Dirty Nurse decided this is a perfect picture & whipped out her iPhone, great picture, but I hope her phone survived. 
I felt like I could balance better if my hand was in the air ;)

Dirty Nurses!!
We decided to keep going after reaching the 5K point & I'm sure glad we did! We hit so many fun obstacles: mud guns, foam pit, rope climb, tubes to crawl through (this is where 2 Dirty Nurses tackled me & I became completely submerged!!) & the largest mud puddles!
The end was the largest water slide ever, which was more than fun & was my only face plant, right into the water & hay at the end, it was so worth it!!
Dirty Dash 2014 we are ready & already working on outfits!

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